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WinLine CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Customer relations are a key factor in the success of any company. The WinLine CRM (Customer Relationship Management) module manages your daily processing requirements for all activities involving customers and vendors and provides a platform suppling all important information related to new and follow-up business opportunities.

Preconfigured dashboards, so-called "Cockpits", are specially configured for organizing and providing access to key tasks for various kinds of user roles in sales, marketing, services, and management. Cockpits contain, for example, To-Do lists, customer/vendor address data, sales statistics and other mission-critical reports and lists. Each Cockpit can be individually configured to fit user-requirements for reports and actions related to their specific role in company processes.

Using the WinLine mobile module, you can make data from WinLine CRM available on a smart phone or tablet. You can then answer customer inquiries while underway or enter data to the WinLine ERP/CRM system directly from your mobile device. Take advantage of real time, online processing using an app on your mobile device. 

Core Features in Summary

WinLine CRM is one of the core modules in the ERP package alongside the WinLine business software programs. CRM supports your daily requirements in the sales, marketing and services areas:

 + Integration with WinLine ERP software
 + Customer relationship optimization
 + Increased customer loyalty 
 + Build long-term customer relations
 + New customer acquisition
 + Extensive reporting on customer and prospective customer behavior 
 + Sales campaign management
 + Coordinated services management processes
 + Centralized access to all customer and project data
 + Contract administation 

Application areas for WinLine CRM - Examples


Calendar/task management

Automate your task management activities for appointments, calls, tasks, orders, sales, etc. with follow-up functions - either your own tasks or those of other individuals or groups. 


Sales and marketing activities

Organize follow-ups on your open offers and leads.  Manage your contact history and carry out mass mailing (email or letter) campaigns. 


Customer service

Our CRM supports you in processing your customer service activities (external employees, technicians, etc.) with support and consulting activities, claims desk, appointment planning, and much more. 


Contract administration

Keep an overview in the CRM system of all existing contracts such as cell phones, company cars, leases, rental agreements, etc. 

Add-On modules to WinLine CRM