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Additional mesonic web solutions

Alongside the other web shop packages and the WEB CRM solutions, we offer additional web solution features for WinLine.

The content management system (CMS) lets you set up and manage your company web site. You can create web content without programming knowledge and without further tools and online content editors.

Your benefits:

- Uniform corporate identity on all pages
- Centralized data administration
- Version history function enables recovery of previous publications
- Data updates steered by version date controls
- Information classification according to importance
- Every employee can create and maintain web content according to his authorization level
- Differentiation by user group (prospective customers, customers, etc.)
- Simple internationalization of the website
- System for Internet, Intranet and Extranet sites
- Integrated workflow management permits modeling of work processes in the Internet

Using the WEB PROJECT solution you can access your project management in WinLine from any location and at any time. You can enter project data, monitor project status and perform project budgeting activities.

Your benefits:
• complete project management
• Online data entry
• Project controlling
• Progress monitoring
• Budgeting for products and resources
• Assignment of follow-up actions and automated workflows
• Automated messages
• Connectivity with cost accounting in WinLine
• Employee authorization controls

The WEB ARCHIVE is the web front end to the integrated document management system in WinLine. This module gives you access online to your archived files.

Your benefits:

- Online access to the archive system at any time and place
- Automatic keyword indexing
- Comprehensive document management
- Easy searching for archive entries
- Management of externally and internally generated documents
- User-defined layout options
- Authorization assignments
- Incoming documents (COLD)