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WinLine Corporate Consolidation

The Corporate Consolidation module in WinLine ACC1 enables master data synchronization and consolidated reporting for groups of companies. Using the module, you can restrict data synchronization to particular subsets of fields in a master data object, e.g., particular fields in Account Base Info, leaving other fields for separate data maintenance in the sub-companies. This lets you update address information for an account across several companies on a synchronized basis, for example, while at the same time leaving the payment conditions settings for the account on a company-specific basis.

Support is also offered by the consolidation functions for recurring postings. Choose a posting batch from the main or a sub-company, for instance, and post it centrally. The individual posting batches and related action plans are defined in the separate companies. Using these methods, you can centrally process both period and annual depreciation runs in WinLine ACC1 for several companies.
One company is set up as the main reporting company when configuring consolidated reports,. Reports in this company then automatically include several kinds of core data from the sub-companies that are linked with the main company. You can analyze both on a line level as well as totals basis, including data from CRM, open item reports, and account balance lists.

The Data Check report is also included as a consolidated function for checks on consistency and integrity for both the main and sub-companies.

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