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Benefit with COMPETENCE

A genuinely good business software solution has really only one attribute: carefree operation, year-after-year.

Knowledge and experience are key contributing factors to making a business software that runs smoothly year after year. This is exactly what over 65,000 successfully installed mesonic software solutions in 15 languages in over 20 countries have provided over the years. Above all, mesonic has remained true to its founding principles for over 35 years:

From SMB for SMB: A mid-sized company itself, mesonic understands the ongoing demands on a business software package designed for SMBs, i.e., flexible, practically-oriented solutions that genuinely assist your business activities under everyday working conditions.

One source of development: We develop all our software in-house and use it in our own company, as well. This tends to make us one of our most critical customers.

Learn from the customer:The tremendous range of different kinds of customers using mesonic business software has led to large number of software solutions for specific sectors of business. The one standard version approach of mesonic business software ensures that all this solutions are available to each and every customer at no further cost.

Looking across the border: Companies that are looking to expand their business to foreign markets require a software that is available in the local language and that supports country-specific requirements.