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The mesonic web solutions offer modules for online business processes. The complete integration with mesonic WinLine ERP solutions ensure one point data entry methods and constant access to up-to-date data online.

You can meet the individual requirements of your company with our WinLine web shop packages. You decide, whether you need a simple web shop, or whether additional features for customer infomation portals or sales force connectivity is required.

Alongside the web solutions, additional web solutions are available, e.g., CRM access portals over the Internet, content management system for setting up and managing your company website, as well as online access to your WinLine Archive or project management.

The WinLine web solutions are completely integrated in the mesonic WinLine ERP and CRM programs. The individual modules access data online coming from accounting, order entry and the payroll areas. Data can be maintained and entered in WinLine ERP to ensure that all the data displayed online is always completely up-to-date at any time.

All web modules support multiple companies, multiple languages and multiple currencies and can be used across a wide variety of browsers.