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WinLine COST - Cost Accounting

A comprehensive cost accounting module is offered as a supplement to WinLine ACC1. Data from financial accounting, asset management and HR flow into cash accounting and provide the basis for comprehensive cost and revenue related reporting.

Cost types, cost centers and cost objectives are the basic elements in cash accounting reports. The system supports both preliminary and final costing calculations for both products and projects, allowing you extensive and up-to-date reports on cost evolutions.

The Cost Journal and the Cost Center Sheet reports provide raw data on running costs and your operating profit and loss. The Cost Objective Operating Statement reports on contribution margins for cost objectives such as a project or product.

The comprehensive statistical reporting options allow you to compare budgets for cost centers and cost objectives to enable you to recognize trends that require corrective action.

Most important functions in overview:

+ Cost types, cost centers, cost objectives + Preliminary and final calculation
+ Cost allocation procedures + Expense allocation sheet
+ Actual costs/Planned costs + Budget comparisons
+ Operating profit/loss statement + Cost accounting statistics

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