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Our Reference Customers

Many thousands of users work daily around the world with our WinLine programs in many fields of business including merchandising, services, industry, as well as non-profit organizations, e.g., associations and cultural organizations. We supply business software to nearly all kinds of businesses interested in simplifying and streamlining their internal processes.

Benefit from our strategy
All of our customers are aiming to improve business efficiency by employing a well-designed software program like our WinLine ERP/CRM package. Our scope of development and wide range of customer types reflect this fact, whereby we are not primarily interested in the size of a company, but rather the nature of the demands that the company entrusts to our knowledge and experience. We feel justified in taking a certain amount of pride in knowing that your business runs better by using our software.

Solutions for different business sectors – Customized solutions out-of-the-box?
Our WinLine programs are fundamentally horizontal in scope and contains features for many kinds of business that are characterized by a high degree of flexibility and adaptability. When in some cases, your company needs even more specialized functionality, there are many options for achieving a customer or sector-specific solution to extend the standard version. This ensures that you get exactly the mesonic WinLine solution that you need in your company.

A selection of satisfied reference customers that work successfully with our WinLine systems can be supplied upon demand.