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mesonic – a success story

mesonic in Mauerbach Österreich und Scheeßel DeutschlandFounded in 1978, mesonic is located with headquarters in the idyllic town of Mauerbach just outside of Vienna, Austria. Expansion to the German market took place in the 80s, followed by subsidiaries in the US and Italy later on. Currently, over 100 employees located at four mesonic company sites service customers around the world.

Like a lot of other successful companies, mesonic started small. The market entry vehicle was an accounting program. The increasing demands of our customers, along with expansion to other sectors and markets provided the impetus to expand the software to a full-scope complete solution for companies of all sizes, types of business and countries.

Today, as always, our software is programmed exclusively in-house with our own developers. This ensures the seamless integration of all modules in the software and smooth operating processes from module to module in the package. Based on this philosophy, mesonic has remained one of the select few among business software manufacturers that rely totally on their own resources for software development.

Product continuity, customer fairness and a harmonious combination of innovation and creativity – this is what mesonic stands for!

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