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WinLine BI - Software for Business Intelligence

Our WinLine BI tools support you in gathering, preparing and representing your business data. Report systematically on data from WinLine ACC2, ACC1, COST, ASSET, PROJECT, PAYROLL and LIST, in order to provide a basis for decision-making, both on the operational as well as strategic level. 

The integrated Data Assistent guides you through the application step-by-step to generate reports easily for large amounts of data. The results can be attractively displayed with the assistance of the WinLine Power Report in a WinLine Cockpit. Various kinds of display modes are available: 

Power Report-Dashboard im mesonic WinLine BI

(enlarge picture)

The WinLine BI modules offer any number of reporting avenues for your company data. The tools are available in two variants, „standard“ and „professional“.

Application areas

Typical Use Scenarios for BI Reports:

+ Integration and cost supervision + Profitability analysis
+ Sales and marketing reports + Price optimization
+ Accounting and controlling + Project controlling
+ Payroll monitoring Quality control
+ Budgeting and planning  


Functional Overview for WinLine BI standard and WinLine BI professional

Functions WinLine BI standard
WinLine BI professional
Reports on sales turnover, vouchers and sales reps
Reports on accounting journal data
Reports on cost types, cost centers and cost objectives
Reports on budgets (target/actual)
Reports on fixed assets
Reports on project data (vouchers and budgets)
Reports on employee payroll data
Reports on user-defined lists from the WinLine LIST Assistant
Reports on sales turnover, voucher analysis, sales reps 
Reports with geographical referencing
Reports with combine data from different modules in one report
Cross-company and multiple fiscal year reports
Various output modes (e.g. tabular, chart, calendar)
Easy-to-use display in WinLine Cockpit (dashboards)
Mobile data access (WinLine mobile)
Integration of WinLine POWER REPORT widgets in WinLine Cockpits
Data Source Management
Annotations: customized information flagging in reports - remarks, status icons
Cross Database reporting  
Expanded selection options ("Multiple selections")  
Data source import and export  
Automated updating of data sources  
Automated updating of WinLine POWER REPORT widgets in the Cockpit  
WinLine ACTION SERVER for periodic management of BI reports  
Automatic message system ("alerts")  
Status icons - color-coded report status icons  
Tabular column aggregation  
Customized report design  

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