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Additional Modules for ACC2

Kit List – Kit List products:
Kit lists are bills of material containing only products (no resources) that are effectively assembled at the point of generating a delivery note for the kit list product. Both the kit list product and its parts can be managed with lot and serial numbers.

BACKLOG – Backorder list:
This module lets you report on your offers that have not been ordered yet, on orders that are still to be delivered and orders that have not been invoiced yet.

AUTO VOUCHER – Recurring vouchers:
The Auto Voucher function assists you in rapidly and efficiently generating recurring vouchers like service billings, rental invoices and periodic fees. Duplicate a source template voucher and define the periodic cycle for generating new vouchers, e.g. once a week, a month, a year, etc. Using this module, you can quickly and easily generate hundreds of periodic customer billing records at the touch of a button.

ANAB – Deposit and final settlement invoices:
Using the ANAB module, you can generate partial or deposit invoices, including progress billing scenarios. All postings are automatically transferred to accounting in WinLine.

SALES – Telephone Sales:
This module supports your sales team in a telephone sales environment. Follow-up lists and listings of previous customer deliveries give your employees lots of information on customer behavior and history. New customer orders can be generated directly from previous customer delivery notes.

BUDGET – Budgeting
Set up budgets for products, customers, vendors and sales reps and compare actual values with target values.

CONTRACT – Contract management:
A contract consists of a delivery agreement for a particular quantity of a product in a defined period of time. Using the WinLine CONTRACT module, you can record the relevant contract quantities, prices and dates easily and in one central area. You can then report on the contract fulfillment status, e.g., contract expired, contract deliveries in arrears, contract within norm, etc.

INTRASTAT – Statistical reporting on transfer of goods in the EU:
Use the INTRASTAT module to generate your companys Intrastat reports for tax authorities in Germany or Austria on the movements of goods within the EU.

DATANORM – Datanorm Interface for product import:
DATANORM is a standard import format for product master data exchange between manufacturers, wholesale dealers and tradespeople. You can use this standardized interface to import product and prices into WinLine ACC2.

FORMULA – Voucher formulas:
Using this module you can set up code snippets (VB Scripts) that run automatically during entry of customer and vendor documents. This lets you configure specialized routines for automatic calculation of shipping and insurance amounts during document entry, for example, or for calculating prices in highly flexible and individualized pricing schemes.

eBILLING AT – Electronic Billing (Austria):
Experience the ease and speed of digital exchange of invoices in WinLine. Both customer and vendor invoices can be imported digitally. The standardized XML interface (ebInterface) ensures seamless data transfer in compliance with legal requirements.

ATLAS DE– Electronic Customs Declarations (Germany):
Using the standardized interface in WinLine with the customs declaration software AES for you! from BEX Components AG, you can generate your customs declarations electronically. All reporting data is transferred to customs, e.g., KN8 product number, product description, voucher number and invoice price.