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Our system tools provide reporting and system administration features to your WinLine installation. Various modules are available so that you can configure and handle WinLine just the way you want to. 

EXIM - Base Info Data Import/Export


ARCHIVE - Digital Archiving

WinLine offers a standardized export/import interface for both master data, e.g., customer/vendor accounts, GL accounts, products, prices, and contact persons, and also transactional data such as accounting postings and project data. ODBC data sources such as ASCII, XLS, and MDB, files are supported by the interface. Using the interface, you can, for example, import new or changed product data into WinLine, update prices, or also import data from a time management system.
WinLine offers two different document management packages for smoothly operating document archiving in WinLine. The ARCHIVE I module archives all reports and vouchers that are generated in WinLine itself. The ARCHIVE II module extends these features to include documents and files that have been generated outside of WinLine, as well. Using “document bracketing” you can join a number of archive documents to one combined archive element. Archive searches are supported in an easy-to-use Archive Search window with built-in key word indexing that lets you search quickly for any archived document. 


CAMPAIGN - Campaign Management


PDF EDITOR - WinLine Form Editor 

Sales campaign management is a standard requirement in WinLine CRM, but it can also be used independently in other areas. Enter your texts directly in the system or select an individual template, and send your personalized messages online directly from the system using in the Mail Center. By means of the sales campaign management module, you can create, send and print serial emails, letters, lists and reports.
WinLine reports can be customized to fit your individual needs with the PDF Editor II. Whether you want to insert your company logo into a report, change fonts including sizes and colors, or set up reports in other languages, the PDF Editor II offers you a multitude of report configuration options for customizing lists, vouchers and documents to meet the specific requirements in your company.

BATCHBELEG - Belegimport/-export

 BATCH VOUCHER - Voucher Export/Import  

MP SYSTEM - Network Installation Package

The BATCH VOUCHER module offers a standardized export/import interface using ODBC data sources for all sales and purchase vouchers. Auto presets, standardized filters and flexible file structures are just a few of the sophisticated features that the module has to offer. 
The Multiple Seat System module is required to set up a network installation where more than one user can access WinLine from a client installation in the network. The number of user seats can be extended with additional user seat licenses at any time.


 WL SERVER - Background Reports


 POWER REPORT - Chart Reports

The WinLine SERVER generates reports in the background during running daily operations without disturbing your work flow. When the report is ready to use, you are automatically notified and can see the results right away.  
The Power Report is used to output your lists and other reports in various kinds of formats, e.g., grids, charts or in calendar form. All variants can be conveniently organized next to each other in a cockpit - similar to the WinLine Cockpit.


 GEO REPORT - Map Reports


ACTION SERVER - Periodic Event Triggering

What is your strongest turnover region? Where does a particular product sell the best? Where are the regions with weak sales trends? How are your open items geographically distributed? Or the geographical distribution of your customers? The Geo Report provides answers to these and many other questions using analysis of your customer data from a geographical point of view. 
The WinLine ACTION SERVER supports periodic generation and execution of various reports and actions at a WinLine client workstation or a selected server. Large reports, OLAP data cubes, data backups or data export / import runs can be set up for generation during the night hours, so that they are available with current data in the mornings.


SAVE I - Authorization Profiles


CTK - Customizing Tool Kit

User group authorizations to manage access to program menus and functions can be set up with this system administration module.
The Customizing Tool Kit (CTK) module lets you customize the layout and content of program windows in WinLine. You can change the name of an entry field, for example, or remove a field from a window, or hide selected menu items for users in a particular user group.