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WEB CRM solutions for the mesonic WinLine software package

Providing information, marketing and communication over the Internet has become an everyday standard in todays business world. Use the web CRM solution modules to take your business processes to the next level and optimize your customer relations.


The WinLine WEB CRM I module gives you basic access to all customer-relevant data. You can make various kinds of changes to the entered data in a customer account and report on this data at any time. This gives you basic capability to record when you have performed an action for a customer and the corresponding result.

A sales campaign management option is provided for creating serial letters and emails. You can select the target customer addresses from the reporting area and have the mailing information saved directly in the customer account for later tracking of campaign results.


For corporations where the functions of the WinLine WEB CRM I module are not sufficient and where individualized workflows are needed, the full-scope WinLine WEB CRM II module is offered. You can model complex processes using the built-in workflow engine with this module. For example, customer claims and guarantee processes: automatic forwarding of customer claim to responsible employee, definition of escalation points for notifying department heads in high priority situations, automatic saving of the processed incident, etc. A complex system of authorization schemes ensures that every employee is automatically notified of related incidents for which they are responsible. CRM II includes all the functions of the CRM I module, as well.

Selected functions of the WEB CRM solutions at a glance
• Prospective customer and customer account management
• Access to released information
• Customer management
• Contact management
• Support /call center management
• Workflow management
• Order processing
• Serial letters, serial emails
• Reports and Statistics