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Supplemental modules for WinLine ACC2 – Material Requisitioning

WinLine supports several different methods of material requisitioning, e.g., replenish to recommended stock level, purchase to order, reserve stock on purchase, and a number of variations thereof. It can also support user-specific requisitioning batch processing in a multi-user environment in your purchasing department. WinLine offers a purchase scheduling sandbox function, Suggested Purchase Orders, that lets you analyse and organize your purchases as preliminary PO suggestions.

Sales order demand or demand from production jobs provides the basis for calculating suggested purchase orders in WinLine. You can use either order-based methods, i.e., each order line triggers a PO suggestion, or stock level-based methods, i.e., minimum and replenishment stock levels, for triggering PO suggestions.

The first method keeps your inventories lean, and the latter method ensures that you always have enough stock on hand to meet potential orders. The suggested purchase orders are saved in purchase scheduling batches that you can manually inspect and modify on-the-fly before the actual purchase orders are generated. This gives you the flexibility to react to changing stock requirements on a daily basis.

The WinLine material requisitioning module affords you a comprehensive overview of all your back-orders and any pending or already entered deliveries. You can notify your vendors directly out of the software about late and missing deliveries.

The WinLine material requisitioning module lets you:
• Create Suggested Purchase Orders
• Edit Purchase Orders
• Process Vendor Deliveries
• Vendor Backorder Lists
• Product Requirement Lists
• Reserve stock on hand and in purchase orders