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WinLine LIAN – Liquidity Analysis

Keep an eye on your current cash flow situation or analyze your cash position for a particular range of weeks using the LIAN (liquidity analysis) module.

The liquidity analysis report lets you decide which of the sources of raw data will contribute to the report output and calculates your weekly cash position for a desired range of weeks in the future. The report can also be easily exported to an MS Excel template file for further processing. 

Payment history

The liquidity analysis module lets you drill down on each customer and vendor account for detail information on each customer and vendor open item, including average days outstanding and average discount taken or applied. This gives you a transparent overview of customer payment behavior, ncluding information on interest on arrears. The average number of days to payment and average discount applied can be saved at any time based on current values to each customer account. They can then be further used as a calculation factors in the Liquidity Analysis report.

The following kinds of raw data can be included for the calculating cash positions:

 + Unpaid customer/vendor invoices Open items in accounting
 + Customer/vendor delivery notes delivery notes that have not been invoiced yet
 + Customer orders/vendor purchase orders orders that have not been delivered yet
 + Budgeted values from GL or AR/AP accounts, or income statement positions
 + Take account for discounts that will be taken or given
 + Take account for grace days, i.e., time period from voucher generation to following voucher level (e. g., vendor PO)