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Winline mobile - Mobile Apps for WinLine ERP/CRM/PPS

Working online with mobile devices, independent of physical location, is rapidly changing today’s business paradigm. Data processing in a mobile environment improves overall your company’s agility, which in turn creates competitive advantages and generates higher margins. The WinLine ERP suite from mesonic is well-equipped to use both in a local network as well as in a mobile environment.

Using WinLine mobile, you can call up and process data from the WinLine ERP and CRM software on your mobile device. You can generate vouchers, for example, or let customers sign orders and service reports using the signature function on a mobile device. Service reports can include on-the-scene photos that are taken with on-board photo functions. The integrated bar code scanner lets you scan EAN or QR codes of WinLine products directly into your customer orders.  Your external staff can use the route planning functions in the mobile solution. These examples illustrate just a few of the many useful applications that are offered by WinLine mobile.

The WinLine CRM system is a prerequisite for the WinLine mobile solution.


 + Real-time customer and vendor accounts, GL accounts, products, sales reps, projects and calendars
 + Generation of vouchers, appointments, claims reports, service orders, visit reports, service reports
 + Electronic signature for vouchers
 + Upload options for photos
 + Bar code scanner support (EAN, QR code) and transfer to voucher entry
 + Configuration of individual workflows
 + Reports: turnover lists, sales statistics, open items, service orders, etc. 
 + Electronic registration of signature on documents
 + Alert messages for appoinments, service jobs, etc.
 + GPS position determination  
 + Supported operating systems: Android, iOS, Windows mobile
 + Supported devices: Tablet, Phablet, smart phone, netbook, Touchscreen, laptop