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WinLine solutions for multidimensional reports – OLAP data cubes

Using the OLAP data cubes you can report on your WinLine data from nearly all company areas, giving you up-to-date information that can also be periodically generated with automatic processes, e.g., during the night when network loads are low:

OLAP ACC1 – Accounting:
Report on your raw journal data (posting amount, tax amount) according to MA codes, FSCs, accounts, periods, calendar weeks or days. Then configure the dimensions and measures in the nested rows and columns you need.

OLAP COST I – Cost accounting analysis:
Report on total costs, partial costs, fixed and variable costs based on cost types, cost objectives and cost centers with units.

OLAP COST II – Cost account – Budget analysis:
Use this data cube to report on your costing budgets and compare target values with actual values.

OLAP ASSET – Asset analysis:
The Asset Register report can be output directly from the WinLine ASSET module as a data cube. All asset master data and transaction data is available in the data cube.

OLAP ACC II – Sales analysis:
Report on sales turnover, gross profit, and sold and purchased quantities organized by product groups, sub-groups, sales reps, customer and vendor accounts, sales rep commission codes, products, cost centers, cost types, cost objectives and periods.

OLAP ACC II – Voucher analysis:
Report on all sales and purchase side vouchers. Based on existing offers, orders, delivery notes and invoices, you can create various sales rep, cost overviews and turnover analysis reports.

OLAP ACC III – Sales rep analysis:
Analyze commissions and commission base amounts for your sales reps according to invoice numbers, account numbers, products and sales areas.

OLAP PROJECT – Project analysis:
Evaluate your projects, both for sales and purchase side vouchers, including budgeted project values.

OLAP LIST – LIST reports:
All reports generated in the WinLine List Assistant can be output as OLAP data cubes, giving you nearly unlimited reports options from this module.