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Multidimensional data reports from all WinLine areas: WinLine OLAP data cubes

You need to report on raw data from accounting, cost accounting or order entry and want to look at the data from different perspectives? WinLine OLAP offers you this flexibility using OLAP data cubes that let you configure the data display dynamically from exactly the perspective you desire.

Easy to use configuration tools
One of the big advantages of WinLine OLAP is the ease with which OLAP data cubes can be generated. You are guided through a step-by-step process while creating the cube, allowing you to easily determine the data areas (dimensions) and values (measures) that will be included in the cube.

Once you have configured the OLAP data cube, you can output the results on the screen, or to a file format such as MS Excel. While displayed in the Cube Viewer, you can reconfigure the data cube with different combinations and sortings of dimensions and values, making each data cube in reality the basis for many different reporting variants.

Areas of use

• Sales and marketing analysis
• Financials and controlling
• Budgeting and forecasting
• Profitability analysis
• Pricing
• Quality control
• Project controlling