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WinLine Production Planning and Control 

Use WinLine PROD to optimize production throughput times, control production dates and capacities, and promote efficient use of machines, production floor workers and raw materials.

The integration with the rest of the WinLine ERP system enables direct transfer of costing and inventory changes from manufacturing to accounting and inventory management. The tight integration of customer order entry and the central control window in the manufacturing module provide for various kinds of status checks and flow controls that empower your personnel in each area to keep a clear view of current and future developments.

Material requirements planning in WinLine ACC2 is directly integrated with the WinLine PROD module. This lets you see during generation of a production job exactly what the material planning situation is and whether the job can be completed by a specified date. The resource management features allow you to report on resource workloads, availabilities and calendar-based scheduling reports for resources and production jobs.

WinLine PROD supports both discrete and non-discrete manufacturing processes, including product variant production. The module enables you to lower your production expenses, which in turn benefits the profit bottom line in your company.

Summary of core features 

The WinLine PPS module offers seamless coordination for managing production processes involving resource and material capacities: 

 + Made-to-order, made-to-stock, variant manufacturing 
 + Integration with material requisitions, inventory management, and sales in WinLine ACC2
 + Simulated production jobs with cost and resource optimization
 + Efficient resource management/capacity optimization
 + Rough and fine planning for resources
 + Forwards/backwards scheduling 
 + Full calendar options including work shifts, absence times, recurring events, etc. 
 + Simple configuration of production processes
Graphical Central Control Panel
 Chart-style graphical reporting (resource utilization, production statistics)

Add/on module for WinLine PPS