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  • Benefit from

    Our solutions are designed
    to work in concert. You choose the instruments and the number of
    players in the ensemble.
    Up-to-date, wherever you are: Some tasks just cannot be completed from a desk. Wherever you want to conduct your company, or whatever
    you need to manage and control – your mesonic software is ready for the job: on your PC, your notebook or your smartphone.
  • Benefit from

    A genuinely good business software solution really has only one
    critical attribute: carefree
    operation, year after year.

    Knowledge engenders quality: A physician depends not only on good diagnostic tools but also long years of experience to come to an exact diagnosis.
    mesonic has been developing business software for over 35 years for nearly all kinds and sizes of companies.
  • Benefit from

    No web site or company hotline can
    replace the professional competence
    of a specialist on site. This is what
    is offered by the mesonic
    partner network.

    Always available: Just like you need the grocer around the corner, mesonic operates on a basis of personalized, on site contact and support!
    With carefully trained and continuously qualified partners and specialists who are there when you need them.
  • Benefit from

    What does a bunch of hobby
    tools do for you,when you
    really need a package of
    precision instruments?
    Take stock of the requirements and get started: Just like a professional floor layer takes the right flooring boards and measures to fit your room,
    a mesonic solution is available for just about any requirement in your business, fitted precisely to your needs.
  • Benefit from

    We don’t make rough guesses:
    We tell you what you will need
    and what it will cost.
    Complex doesn’t mean complicated: You only see what is really required when you take a close look. mesonic places emphasis on understandable,
    useable business software that uses a modular architecture and lots of business know-how to make running your business substantially easier.
  • Benefit from

    No one knows how large your business
    will be in a few years. One thing is sure:
    You will be prepared for anything.

    Secure your future: Planning is our recipe for success. A wine grower checks the vineyard daily to ensure the harvest, mesonic software solutions
    are constantly being maintained and adjusted to meet changes in regulatory requirements and new features.
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WinLine business

the exact fit for your ERP and CRM requirements



WinLine corporate

the complete ERP and CRM solution for mid-sized businesses



WinLine compact

the modular ERP solution at a monthly fixed price per seat